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Unforgettable trip to the destinations in Japan


My unforgettable trip to the destinations in Japan

I would like to share my memorable experience of my wonderful Japan tour with my family members. We really enjoyed very much in visiting the various destinations and natural sceneries in Japan. They have really helped us to reveal the traditional and the cultural beauty of the city in the most effective way.  There, we had get really exciting through meeting the Japanese people who are very kind to response.  In fact, we did not feel worry about even we do not know the Japanese language with the help of the people.

Tokyo was the first city where we had visited in our Japan trip.  It is amazingly a large wonderful place which seems always crowded with a lot of fun too.  As we have already booked the flight and accommodation in advance, we did not face any hurry burry or any other disturbance in our whole trip in the Japan.

Tokyo tower

In that large city, the best view point to see is the Tokyo tower and we gained the amazing view on that place.  Even it costs a little more and it was really happy and fantastic to get that experience.

Sanjusangendo temple

Then, we had headed to the Kyoto that was a heart whelming attraction to see.  There, we went to a large number temples, castles and shrines. It gave us a feel of pilgrimage tour to the Japan.  However, we had enjoyed the attractiveness of temple and the sceneries there.

Among all of the temples, Sanjusangendo temple was highly favourite for us. Yes, we get the breathtaking view of 1001 life sized statues at a single place.  It was so amazing to see the statues in real.

Umekoji locomotive museum

We had truly enjoyed the Umekoji steam of Locomotive museum.   This is an old station which is turned into the museum of steam powered rail.  On this place, we had really an amazing and wonderful working of the steam engines. It was really helpful to know the steam engine working procedures.


Then, we had spent one day in Nagoya and around the places. This is the stadium of the gymnastics and we had really taken pleasure in very much of the athletes performance. At that time we travelled to Japan, the world cup final match was going on. So, we have also spent some time in enjoying the match.  In addition to that, we had also enjoyed some wonderful food and drinks too.


Apart from these places, we had also visited some other destinations and they were really wonderful to see. Of course, their natural beauty and the elegance had made us to be there for more time.  Out 15 days trip to Japan was really memorable and it was definitely unforgettable the experience in each day of the tour.  Furthermore, the foods, drinks and hospitality of the Japanese people were really amazing.  So, I feel that I want to go once more, when I get the chance of Japan trip.