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Tricks for Easy Shopping of Wines



When it comes to picking the best wine for a special occasion, you ought to be choosy about the kind of wine to buy in your local store or favorite restaurant. There will be a couple of times where thoughts such as “what if they don’t like it?”, “what if it’s too rough or too smooth?”, and other couple of “what if’s” would cross your mind, making choosing a great wine harder. But if you want to impress your colleagues and friends without spending too much time choosing the right wine on that menu, then this is the right post for you! Here are the shortcuts to choosing the right one:

#1 – Think about the food you’ll pair it with. When choosing a good wine, think about what your meal would be. It is a great practice to think about what you want to eat first before you order your red, rose, or white wine. Commonly, food and wine pairings are learned when picking wines at the diner. Usually, light and red meats are paired with medium red wines, while desserts, fish, veggies, and carbs are great when paired with sparkling whites. But there is one basic rule in case you forget which pairs with what: wines compliment the food that came from the same region.

#2 – Ask for advice from experts. Don’t be shy. Ask the seller or the waiter for their recommendations. They are usually knowledgeable with the wines and would be able to choose the right one for you. Pretending to know about wines, vineyards, or regions will only make you look more novice rather than an expert. Ask and be honest, trust me, it will work.

#3 – Don’t be afraid to buy discounted wines. Lower price does not always mean the wines are of lower quality, especially when it comes to wines. Most shops offer great deals and discounts from single bottles to baskets to cases, but it doesn’t always mean that those wines are terrible. Local stores often have their sale on their fronts. While online wine discounts such as specials on wines that occur often and consumers always think that they are substandard hence the lower prices. Take a peek and check store offers, they might have greater deals over those regular priced ones.

#4 – Bring a photo, in case you’ll forget. It is easier to show photos of the wine you love than to remember the label of the bottle. Never assume you’ll remember the wine from the label you saw alone. There are too many bottles in the market carrying the exact same label you saw with additional words or descriptions on them. It might not be the one you’re looking for. Better, bring some photo of that wine and show it to the steward. In case they don’t have that exact bottle, they might present you something similar.

The more wines you find and discover, the more you would be able to know the complex world of wines. Take it easy, no one learns instantly. Don’t be embarrassed with yourself for not knowing things concerning wines. Now, go grab a bottle and experience the wine world!