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The most colourful tourism in France


My family members and I had discussed a lot about our summer tourism in Europe. Finally, we had planned to visit the best tourist places in France and celebrate our holidays out of the ordinary. The main reason why we had chosen France was never-ending tourist attractions in and around France.  We had arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport and geared up for our tourism in France.

Eiffel Tower

The symbol of Paris at all times is the Eiffel Tower.  We had visited this famous landmark constructed by 8,000 metallic parts. We were really stunned with the most distinctive gracefulness, panoramas at each levels and monumental size of the Eiffel Tower. We had an unforgettable dining experience with an extraordinary view at this tower’s first level. We had visited the Jules Vernes restaurant at the second level and enjoyed the outlook of Paris at the third level.

Louvre Museum

My children were eager to visit an incomparable museum at least once. Our tourism in France had realized this desire of my children. This was because we had visited the Louvre Museum.  The main attraction in this museum nowadays is an array of European collections of the most unique arts. The most impressive works such as Mona Lisa, the Wedding Feast at Cana, Venus de Milo sculpture and other things in this museum gave us wonderful experiences.

Palace of Versailles   

People of every age group like to explore the most wonderful elements of the palace at least once in their lifetime. We had fulfilled by this desire by Palace of Versailles. This palace not only shows the royal residence, but also indicates the overall glory of the French Monarchy.  The absolute power of Louis XIV and the standard of the Princely courts of Europe are revealed by this palace. We liked the most decorative elements in the formal French gardens.

Cote d’Azur 

Cote d’ Azur is the most wonderful stretch of coastline in this country. We had included the French Rivera into our tour plan. This was because we like to explore the beach by using the most luxurious yachts and lavish villas.  We had reached and explored stellar art museums and panoramic sea views in the nice town. Sandy beaches in Antibes a Provencal fishing village in Saint Tropez gave us wonderful experiences.

Mont Saint Michel

As one of the most attractive landmarks of France, Mont Saint Michel grasped our attention and encouraged us to visit here. We were pleased to look at the pyramid of seas. Bastions and walls are surrounded by this beautiful place. The Abbey reveals the most distinctive elements of the medieval architecture.  The soul inspiring serenity in the Abbey Church gave us peace of mind.

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Chartres

The overall glory of the medieval Gothic architecture in the Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Chartres plays an important role behind its position in the UNESCO list. The most vibrant nature of the stained glass windows makes an ethereal effect. The most incredible craftsmanship in these windows reveals biblical stories and impressed. We were pleased to look at rose windows and the passion window available here.