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Reasons to Visit Vanuatu



Want to experience the best of nature on your next holiday? Then, plan your trip to a Vanuatu holiday. Vanuatu is a small archipelago of more than 80 islands, located very close to East Australia on the South Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu is an excellent vacation spot for those who like a quaint, laid-back spot, amidst the beauties of nature and a rural, ancient lifestyle that dates back to nearly 4000 years.


Being close to the eastern coast of Australia, the archipelago is easily accessible via flights from Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, and Brisbane. The national airline, Air Vanuatu, operates regular flights from these Australian cities to Port Vila on the Efate Island. Additionally, Air Vanuatu has regular flights from Nadi and Noumea to Port Vila.

The other important airlines that serve Vanuatu are Fiji Airways, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand and Air Calin. The main airports that serve as international entry points are Pekoa locates in Espiritu Santo and Bauerfield Airport located on Efate.

If you are a domestic flier, the airports on the Pentecost and Tanna Islands will serve your purpose.

Things to see

Port Vila – The city center of the Efate Island serves as one of the entry points to the archipelago and offers a perfect blend of the modern lifestyle with hip restaurants and cafes and the quaint rural life with its slow, laid-back feel – the perfect way to kickstart your dream vacation.

Tanna Island – A short flight will take you to the Tanna island where you can experience the best of rural life and enjoy short local tours. But the main attraction of the region is a visit to the Mount Yusuf. Visitors can hike along the craters for a magnificent view of the magma-filled mouth of the active volcano.

Santo Island – Travel to the nearby Santo Island where the tourists can enjoy the beautiful sand covered long stretches of pristine beaches. The white shimmering sandy beaches are perfect for family barbecues, beach cricket or simply enjoying a lazy day alone or with your partner. Snorkeling enthusiasts can also experience the diverse marine life that inhabits the region.

Hat, Moso, and Lelepa Islands – These outer islands are well-known for offering ample opportunities for deep sea snorkeling. Travelers can also tour the island to find several groups for turtle conservation as well as numerous custom villages.

Things to do

Photography – The scenic and landscape beauty of the islands of Vanuatu makes it the perfect spot for photography lovers. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or a regular traveler, carrying a good camera is important when you visit Vanuatu. Panoramic vistas and a rural setting make Vanuatu the ideal place to capture some perfect shots for a lifetime.

Shopping – For shopping enthusiasts, the islands offer a variety of choices. Visitors can buy local handicrafts, fruits, and vegetables, woven baskets and mats, wooden carvings, etc. If you are willing to bring home items like kava, tree fern carvings, etc. it is important that you refer to the laws of the region and your country as well.