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Philippines travel experience


Philippines travel experience- A perfect vacation option during summer

Every year, people can arrange to choose their favorite vacation destination to spend their holiday for getting relaxed from the long days of routine work and stressful activities. One of the highly recommended places chooses by people in South East Asia is Philippines. It is one of the secret islands and most adventure vacation destination to visit, especially during the summer holidays. During the last summer, we have visited this top tourist destination that welcomes the millions of people from all over the world every year, because it is blessed with a gift of nature and amazing sightseeing places. We have really enjoyed a lot by spending our time in the following amazing places in Philippines such as,

  • Waterfalls
  • Crystal clear water
  • Hot springs
  • Long white sand beaches
  • Marine resources
  • Unique species of animals
  • Warm hospitality of people in whole country

The Philippines is most famous for its secrets islands that consist of three main islands available such as Luzon, Mindanao and Visayas. After visiting these islands, we got a stunning experience, because each of them has a unique beauty of nature and have lots of amazing places to visit. Totally, we have spend three days in these islands respectively,

Day 1- Luzon

The Luzon Island is located in the center of Philippines that have numerous tourist destinations to see such as Plaza San Luis, Rizal Shrine, Manila Oceanaruim, Manila Bay, Mabini Shrine, Nayong Pilipino and many more places available. During the daytime, we could see many different skyscrapers in Makati District and also visited the Taal Lake, which is most famous in Luzon Island.

Day 2-Mindanao

It is the second largest island in Philippines that have so many places to visit such as Lanao, Davao, Cotabato and Misamis and more. One of our favorite destinations in this island is Siargao, which is most famous for its unique waves. We have spent more time in the beach resorts and museum in this island.

Day 3- Visayas

This island alone is also a top tourist destination in the world. We have seen so many best places on this island such as Bohol, Boracay, Bantanyan and Guimaras and more. All these places are most famous for its crystal clear water and white sand beaches. When you come to the Philippines, you should never miss out this island to visit.

Essential travel tips to go around in Philippines

The Philippines travel experience was the lifetime memorable experience to our family members. We have seen lots and lots of fantastic sightseeing places throughout our vacation in the last summer. I surely recommend this beautiful vacation destination to you visit and also gives you some travel tips while going around the Philippines.

  • Once you reach this place, you can arrange a taxi for your easy and convenient mode of transportation to reach anywhere in the country.
  • You should decide and lists the places in prior where do you want to go.
  • Make sure to have the good source of things that you need.