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My memorable experience in Brazil


The most outstanding tourism in Brazil gave us memorable experiences

Typical Brazilian attractions encouraged everyone of my family to prefer an ideal tourism in Brazil throughout the summer.  Brazil is the largest country and rich in an array of tourist attractions. I have contacted the most reliable tour operator in Brazil and aware about the most recommended tourist places. I’ve compared the most interesting elements of the cultural tourism, historic tourism, ecotourism, adventure tourism and other categories. I have listened to suggestions from travel experts in Brazil and make an informed decision about our tourism in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro 

Once we have reached the Sao Paulo – Guarulhos International Airport, we had begun our tourism eagerly. We preferred Rio de Janeiro as the first place to visit in Brazil. The most attractive Sugar Loaf formed by a tree covered promontory surprised us.  We had seen and photographed the best views of Rio as well as harbour.  We enjoyed an adventurous ride in a cable car from the Morro da Urca to Sugar Loaf.  After we had arrived at below the peaks of Morro da Urca, we had begun our travel towards the star shaped Fort Sao Joao fort. This fort is one among three early forts in this area.

My family members and I were amazed when we look at the most attractive Cristo Redentor, the colossal Art Deco Christ statue.  The overall height and attractiveness of this statue encouraged us spend a few hours further than what we have scheduled. We had the most interesting travel on the railway that leaded to various trials through the Tijuca National Park. We were stunned with the waterfall, tropical birds, plants, butterflies and other natural things available in this national park.  We enjoyed our time in Carnaval in terms of the overall exuberance, colour, action and sound. The foremost attraction of this performance is a carefully staged showpiece rather than a rowdy street party.

Iguacu Falls 

The Iguacu River is located at the point where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet. A semicircle of two hundred and forty seven waterfalls makes the Iguacu Falls out of the ordinary. The usual width of this river is narrowed just above these falls. This is the main reason behind the ever-increasing force of the water. We had taken lots of photographs in this beautiful place and enjoyed the most fashionable catwalks. We had a chance to see some unique species in the subtropical rain forest.

Amazon Rain Forests

People who have planned to visit Brazil and enjoy tourism in this country do not fail to visit Amazon Rain Forests. We had reached Encontro das Aguas where the dark Rio Negro waters meet Rio Solimoes muddy water. The safest boat trip supported us take pleasure in tourism with peace of mind. We visited lakes formed naturally by three rivers.  My family members were pleased to look at turtles, sloths, monkeys, parrots and other wildlife all through the boat trip. We had visited Janauari Ecological Park and Teatro Amazonas with my family members.  We had unforgettable tourism experiences and encouraged our friends to visit Brazil.