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New York at it’s Finest


An unforgettable experience of New York trip with my family

I am Peter and I’m pursuing my engineering studies in the reputed college. I’m an only son of my parents and we are a small family of just 3 members. In our family, we have a habit of visiting a new place every year during my holidays. For this year of holidays, we wanted to visit the most beautiful and popular place of the world. We got various options from all of three members in the family and finally we have selected a New York City in United States. Visiting New York is my long time dream because I love this city and I have seen a lot of NYC places on the internet. When we have decided to visit there, it was really amazing and I feel great to go New York.

Trip to New York City:

My father first planned for only the 2 days trip to New York and after it was changed to 3 days because of my insisting. Before three months of our trip, we have planned everything from the air tickets to local accommodations in New York. My dad booked all these things through the online service including the local car hire for our convenience to reach the hotel from airport and go anywhere of the city.

  • Statue of Liberty – Once we have reached New York, a hired car driver was waiting to pick up us and safely reached our booked hotel room. After fresh up, first we planned to visit the statue of liberty which is the most popular tourist attraction and landmark of the New York city. It was built actually in the year 1886 and still remains the world’s popular symbol of freedom and it is also the great icon to the America. I just stunned while seeing it from the bottom to top.
  • Central Park – After spending some hours in the statue of liberty, we went to central park which is the best playground of the people available there. It is a most famous tourist attraction of the NYC which is located in the city centre with the unlimited number of movies and TV shows. We also saw central park zoo, strawberry fields, lake, and more to enjoy our time there.
  • Rockefeller centre – On the next day, we have spent many hours in the Rockefeller centre which is the greatest shopping complex and the entertainment place of the New York city. We have gone there at the starting of the Christmas season so it was really amazing spending time in this Rockefeller centre with my family.
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral – Next, we visited to this St Patrick’s Cathedral which is the best example for the Gothic revival. It is really the most amazing place to visit with the 330 feet spires, bronze doors, bronze baldachin, rose window, great organ, 2,400 seating capacity, and more other features.

It was really amazing and memorable trip of visiting New York City with my mom and dad this year.