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London – Experience the journey


Our wonderful tour experience of first time visiting to London

I’m Rita and I have a beautiful family with my mom, dad, brother, grandma, and grandpa. We are enjoying our life the most with all nice things in the world. It was the time of our parent’s wedding anniversary and we wanted to visit a great place to enjoy a lot this special day. I have chosen the London which is a greatest and popular city of England. It is as well as the capital of England where there are more numbers of tourist attractions to visit. We are a typical US family and wanted to visit London to know the culture existing there and also to enjoy sightseeing, events, travel attractions, & to participating in the various adventurous activities.

My brother is just a kid of 7 years old and he needs the very special places to enjoy this tour. I heard that there are more numbers of kid’s friendly places to visit and enjoy the  city. That is why we finalized to go there for celebrating our parent’s wedding anniversary. I have got the list of top tourist attractions and we hired a car through online booking along with our air tickets. So, it was really very convenient to visit all those top attractions using the local car transport.

Different tourist attractions in London:

We have planned for the 3 days of trip and we have reached there one day before of our parent’s anniversary.

  • British museum – On the first day of our London trip, we went to British museum which is the world’s popular tourist attraction of the England. We have seen Parthenon sculptures, Rosetta stone, mummies, and more there. We have spent most probably 3 hours here in this British museum.
  • Natural history museum – It is the second place we have visited in London to know the rarest, tallest, and also the biggest collection of animals in the world. I stunned while seeing the 40 million years old spider in this museum. It is really interesting place, so we have spent 4 hours here.
  • National gallery – After finishing our lunch, we went to national gallery in London which is filled with full of beautiful western European paintings of the 13th to 19th
  • Tower of London – Next day is my parent’s wedding anniversary and I have planned for the greatest celebration in the party hall near to the Tower of London. In the morning, we have visited and know the 900 years of Tower of London building’s history and then went to the party hall to celebrate their anniversary with cake, drinks, party, and all. We have spent maximum day time there in the celebration hall and just came to our hotel room to take rest.
  • Coca-Cola London Eye – On the third day of our trip, we went to Coca-cola London eye to enjoy its wonderful experience. We visited here mainly for my brother to have enjoyable and unforgettable experience in this trip.