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Holiday experience in Malaysia

malaysia-1373965_960_720Enjoyable and pleasant holiday experience in Malaysia

Travelers are fascinated to visit Malaysia as it is considered as visitor’s heaven and primary tourist destinations. It is really an interesting country as it is filled with both traditional and modern culture. When we decide to travel far away from home, we planned to travel Malaysia for having great fun and bliss with our family. Malaysia is an admired country that exhibits immense values, tradition and culture. We truly attracted on beaches, marine parks and many more dazzling places. First, we visited Batu Caves which is an attractive limestone hill with a string of caves. Sungai Batu is a river present near the caves to take the name Batu Caves. We stared on the visuals of caves and its artistic natures made us to spend more time in that place. After that, we travelled to Kuala Lumpur Bird Park which is a largest walk-in aviary in all over the world. The park is situated near to the Lake Gardens and so we had a great time in the lake. Different kinds of bird species made us to have wonderful time in the park.

Our family enjoyed hawker food from most of food stalls in Gurney Drive. We all consumed delicious food items in a comfortable environment. Gurney Drive map helped us to travel on right directions without any hassles. Gurney Drive is considered to be a great signature of Malaysia as because of its seafront promenade. We took a bus to travel around different places of Malaysia and it eases your travelling experience in high range. While travelling in the bus, we stared on diverse astonishing attractions of Malaysia and it brought different kind of experience to our existence. I loved to shop unique and exclusive things in different shops. We really had great fun and pleasure in Malaysia apart from our regular pressure and stress. Mouth watering delicacies and shopping delights were wonderful time of our journey. We got a chance to look the night life of Malaysia while staying in our hotels. When we look at the night lights from our room balcony, it was really an amazing experience that we cannot express it in words.

We took a long evening walk in beaches and it brought great peace of mind to our mind. It is assured that you cannot find these kinds of relaxing beaches in any countries. Beaches like Pelangi beach, Kapas Island and even more beaches are filled in Malaysia. Unique and exclusive wildlife culture made us learn more about different kinds of species. We participated in lots of fun filled activities and events that take place in different places. We cannot forget this remarkable holiday experience until the end of our lifetime. People who love outdoors and nature will never miss this wonderful destination in any case. We truly had great time in dissimilar places of Malaysia especially in tremendous beaches. Affordable and luxury hotels or resorts present in Malaysia for enhancing the delights of tourists to a great extent. We will plan our next holiday trip to Malaysia to have pleasure on even more astounding places.